Transform yourself
to transform the world

What if you could create an externally personal and entrepreneurial aligned life

by reconnecting to your inner Self?

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Yesterday I was smart, so I wanted to change the world.
Today, I am wise, so I change myself.
Jalal ad-Din Rumi, Sufi poet, XIII century

Hello, I am Ilinca

I accompany you in the sustainable transformation of your daily life and your well-being as an engaged entrepreneur.

You will create an externally aligned life by reconnecting to your inner Self.
I also accompany you in discovering the magic of Life through Ayurveda and Yoga.
You will be full of energy!


Spiritual Ecology

Spiritual Ecology

A spiritual path that aims to reconnect us to Nature as a Being and as an Entrepreneur.

Ecology of the Living

Ecology of the Living

Sustainable Development,
Sustainable Development, social justice and the environment for an aligned life.



the Science of Life for which Man is composed of the 5 fundamental elements of Nature



Union with oneself as a way of living a Life in full consciousness, act and contribute to the world.


If you reflect with full awareness, you will see that life is a constant search for your ultimate Nature, your Self.

And if you pay attention to your deepest desires, you will find in your heart a fundamental need to consider your external environment – Nature, as part of yourself. The central message of Spiritual Ecology is that as we treat our body, our interior, so we treat all living things.

This is why Spiritual Ecology, as a conscious expression of Life, is inclusive and leads us to a limitless experience.

It is only by being fulfilled that we can be a Life that shines for the well-being of all: transforming ourselves to transform the world.

Be in connexion with Nature


Rituals to align with Nature

Rituals to align
with Nature

You are part of nature.
Realigning yourself with nature by adapting to its rhythm is essential for your well-being. Together, we design rituals in coherence with Gaia.

Health, food
and body care

Food is an undeniable source of energy. Together, we define your constitution to choose the foods that give you this energy and bring you joy.

Ayurvedic food

Wellness in all circumstances of life

Your Life Path is like the paths we find in Nature: sometimes we climb mountains, walk on rocky paths to reach the top and breathe. Together, we discover how to remain joyful during any journey, no matter how difficult it is.

Love and

You feel that your days are never long enough to give yourself a moment of relaxation. Together we design Yoga practises (postures, breathing and meditation) that will give you what you need, no matter where you are.


Soloentrepreneur Coaching

Company Coaching


Client review Nathalie

Following many upheavals in my personal and professional life, I felt overwhelmed by a feeling of anxiety, sadness and a lack of energy and confidence.

Ilinca’ coaching allowed me to start concrete actions and to feel the benefits very quickly: to take distance in difficult moments, to integrate positive thoughts and to “dare” certain actions.

Ilinca has been very present to guide and accompany me. Her advice is always full of wisdom. I love the positive energy she gives off, her open-mindedness, her sincerity and her kindness. I have great confidence in her and her experience and I know that her main objective is to share, to allow other people to benefit from the fruits of her knowledge.


Client review Gaële

For a few years, I felt the need to evolve and change things so I could live better, in accordance with my deepest aspirations. On my own, I was not able to do this. Ilinca’s guidance really helps me to install the changes that allow me to be the best version of myself!

The different approaches (meditation, ayurvedic treatments, yoga and all her knowledge-sharing) that the program offers are perfect to progress step by step.

Very concretely, it led me to:

  • ritualise a moment for myself each day with a meditation
  • discover and apply the right products for my damaged skin
  • rebalance my diet
  • to listen to my deepest aspirations and intuitions
  • to realise that I was not alone!

Today I feel so much better and less stressed. I have gained serenity and I feel in control of myself.


Client review Priscillia

I was immediately seduced by Ilinca’s energy, her enthusiasm and her experience in Ayurveda, Yoga and Ecology.

For these reasons, I chose to be accompanied by her in my journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Ilinca kindly opened my eyes to products that were good for me, but also for the environment, such as raw organic products.

Her advice was invaluable in boosting my immune system when I needed it.
Ilinca gives her help without counting the cost, according to the needs of the person, accompanying them step by step.



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