Program One Origin Entreprise

Improve the life of your employees
gain well-being for your team and
transform your company

Employees from a company with joint hands, well-being at work

You are a company manager committed to the well-being of your employees,
but the general recommendations you were given do not seem enough?

You have started several Corporate Social Responsibility actions,
but you don’t know how to integrate the well-being of your employees into this roadmap?

You want to put people at the heart of your company, but you don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for simple and effective actions to put in place for the health
of your employees at the office, but also outside the office?

You feel that team cohesion could be increased, but you don’t want to create
a new Team Building without concrete results?

If you find yourself in any of these questions, One Origin Enterprise is for you.

One Origin Entreprise is a personnalised programme for your company employees.
This programme helps strengthen their personal and professional well-being, which goes far beyond simply reducing health problems or absences due to health reasons. Helping your employees to develop and ensure a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being will boost creativity, mutual support and cooperation within your company.

Illustration One Origin Entreprise

One Origin Enterprise is based on the 4 Suryamaya pillars:

Spiritual Ecology

Spiritual Ecology

a spiritual path that aims to reconnect us to Nature as a Being.

Ecology of the Living

Ecology of the Living

Sustainable Development,
Sustainable Development, social justice and the environment for an aligned life.



the Science of Life for which Man is composed of the 5 fundamental elements of Nature



Union with oneself as a way of living a Life in full consciousness, act and contribute to the world.


When I started my career at the European Commission in the Employment and Social Affairs Directorate, doors opened to a world that was completely foreign to me: Workplace Well-Being and Corporate Social Responsibility.

While working on issues such as psychosocial risks and stress at the workplace, I discovered that the corporate world lacked real support in dealing with the famous work-life equation. One day, the head of a company told us:


“It is crucial for the success of our company that our staff be able to work to their full potential at all times. The health, wellbeing and emotional and physical resilience of our staff is therefore essential and, as such, it is central to our business strategy – we take action, measure, monitor and review it regularly because it is a business necessity.”


This statement got stuck in my mind because, indeed, employees are the most valuable resource in a company.

At the end of this program:

Employees will
Learn to know themselves better
Feel more autonomous in managing their stress
Develop empathy with their colleagues which will strengthen team spirit
Improve job satisfaction

Employees working hand in hand
Team filled with joy

Managers will
Develop strong relationships with other employees
Be able to count on healthy colleagues
Avoid managing absenteeism
Improve the company’s performance

Imagine creating a humanly-resilient company tomorrow
that relies on the well-being of its employees as a key resource.

One Origin, a Program
for your company

One Origin Enterprise includes 3 main themes:

Healthy and mindful eating (with a quick and easy recipe orientations)

Psychological health: meditation, breathing and energising yogic chants

Physical activity: yogic restorative postures at the office and outside the office

Some of the exercises are designed so that they can be done at work, during a short break or during the lunch break.

The duration of the programme can be adjusted according to the number of employees and the size of the company.

One Origin Enterprise is a distance or in-person programme, depending on identified needs.

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